Experimental Writing.

In past my every moment, my mouth spirit speaks the name of the silent one, the future god of night and the firmament.

You are mighty, seeing wisdom in your eyes. I give my terror in the One who owns my ether, my star. I appear inward upon my heart.

You proclaim light! May they see the Lords tongue who is of the earth, the I-of- is has resurrection under the roots whose sanctuary is of the banished earth. The shells bring forth truth on Earth and make it dry. The lands habitations are given to the dust god who sits upon the boundary.

You Tahuti, birth my water. Are the lips caring? Lord, from my whirling about in the worlds air, all wisdom is accomplished in my house. The source of death is in every rushing utterance. Oh woe to the day of fire and the end god.

You that divine desire, your spelling make the hawks come, bringing everything forth upon my scourge. The desire blooms from me.

Now the eternal gates, which are of the house, therefore are last of the revered string universe, which rests things gloriously.


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