On Nothingness.

What does it mean to know that everything is empty? Here are some meditations.

  1. There is nothing that you own.

(i.) Do you own your body? Your body is a ‘painted image’. It may look solid but underneath is a writhing mass of atoms and molecules, bacteria, cells and all forms of microscopic life. It is in truth a writhing mass. Not only that but every seven or so years, your body regenerates all of its cells and becomes a completely new body. This thing that many people identify themselves with morphs, grows saggy and eventually dissipates for one last time after consciousness has departed. All things change in this body of yours. Cells die and new ones come into being. The universe gives you atoms and takes some away from this so called solid object. What part of this body do you own exactly? This body (or should I say ‘these bodies’)  are always passing you by like cars as you wait to cross the road. It just isn’t you.

(ii.) Let us turn attention to your thoughts and your internal conditioning/ programming. What do these parts of your experience say about you? Thoughts are powerful things. They are strong contributors to your personal reality and if some thoughts are given persistent intention, they become part of your programming and unconscious motivations, shaping your personality and attracting either good or bad things to you, depending on the nature of these thoughts. These thought pop into your experience, stay there for a while, disappear or become part of your conditioning. Old conditioning eventually fades away and no longer affects your being. Old programming comes out, new programming comes in. In a matter of time you may become an entirely new person. This alone proves that your ego, your view about yourself is nothing but a series of habits. Your personality can be chopped and changed through conscious effort. You are not your personality.

(iii.) Do you own the things that exist in your life? Do you own your clothes, your house, your books, your TV etc. Think about it.

Do you own them or are they merely things that appear in your experience? You pass money electronically or through metal or paper/ cloth talismans… but then again isn’t the money that you use to buy these items also just also items and numbers that appear in your experience? Items come in and out of your experience.

2. What is the one things that stays?

All of these things come into your experience and then passes away. The baby version of you passes away and gives way to adult you. Cells die and drop off your body, being replaced by new ones. Experiences in your life come and go.

You are experiencing the process of being a human.

What stays?

You stay.

But if you are not these things then what are you?

You are nothing. You are nothing experiencing all of these things.

Everything is nothing pretending to be something.

What is this universe? The universe comprises of everything. The universe is the stars, galaxies, the sun and the planets that move around it, quasars, asteroids…

What is it that makes all of these things HAPPEN? What makes stars to be born? What makes the planets move around the sun? What develops the baby in the womb?

Nothing does all of these things. And you are nothing. You are the universe.

Look inside yourself. See that nothingness. That nothingness is the nothingness of the universe.