Embracing Light and Darkness

One of the important things that has been on my mind lately is the importance of embracing both your light and darkness. Taoism is well aware of this… even the Modern Church of Satan is well aware of this.

The point is that you cannot choose either ying or yang… both are part of the package of being a divine and beautiful shard of existence.

The light and the dark are the same thing… they are just on different polarities of the same scale… and they complement each other.

At some time on the Buddhist path or any other path you start to realise that to fully be alive as a human you must accept all ends of the scale of polarity. To think that a Buddha only has light in him and no dark is I believe a naive thought. A Buddha is not a being of light in the strict sense. He is not full of light and goodness, without a hint of darkness. He simply accepts the light and darkness as it comes and experiences it in a state of non- attachment. Nirvana is a state of non- attachment.

The reason that a Buddha is a being of light is that he gives out the light of truth and wisdom to the world. He gives the light of awareness of what is going on in ‘experience’. This is also the light that Jesus gave. Jesus had both ying and yang in him as well… he was also equally shard of existence who gave  to us ‘the light’… the light of knowing that we are eternal and that all that is happening is experience and that therefore there is nothing to fear or take too seriously.

The underlying message of all religions and spiritual belief systems is that everything in the universe and the underlying truth that pervades everything is love. Love is the divine mover of all things. It is also important to remember that we are of the essence of that divine love.

It is our job to experience the ying and the yang of the universe in the full knowledge that we are all divine beings… It’s good to remember that sometimes. Whatever happens in life there is nothing that can truly touch us. It is good to embrace this divine love in the quiet moments of daily life. This divine love is our true home… and it is easy for us all to experience. There are plenty of times when we experience this divine love course through us  or through other living beings. It is at these times that we realise we are all one.

It is good to know this and live this… what a relief.

Aham Prema (I am Divine Love).