Working with the spirit Nitika



I have been working with the spirit Nikita to help bring about bursts of cash in my life. Here is the cashbook that I use with the sigils relevant to Nitika on them.




Thank- you Damon Brand for your book, “Magical Cashbook”.


This is the first foray into my exploration of wealth magick. I have decided to shake up my personal reality by warping it into a new and improved state. I am dedicating myself to a series of magickal workings that I will be doing within the next few months dedicated strictly to practical magick and the attainment of results in the observable world. I am going down the practical- magick- focused route for the sake of freeing myself up to pursuing more avenues within my spiritual and magickal career.

Changes and shifts are in store. I welcome them with open arms.

Onwards and Upwards.


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