Playing the Game/ Life as a Work of Art

I was looking up articles about ‘playing the game of life’. Somebody on Quota had written that the law of thermodynamics have four rules about playing the game.

1. You MUST play the game.

2. You can’ win the game.

3. You can’t break even.

4. You can’t quit the game


So there you are. I had no choice but to play the game… which probably sounds like an obvious statement. But then I thought what this really meant for me… how did I want to play? My view on life is that it should be fun and you should be happy. I looked into what I liked to do. What made my heart sing? It was easy to find where my joy was. I always knew that I wanted to be a positive benefit to the world and I wanted to help others. I also knew that magick and being a magician was a big part of my identity (although most people aren’t aware that I practice magick). I also knew that the Buddha- dharma was my refuge and the vehicle and lens that I use as my personal map of reality. If I was going to play this game I would do it on my terms…

… and then the obvious came to me… and it was so obvious that I wondered why it hadn’t come to the front of my consciousness to the extent that it did when I saw it with full awareness…

Life is a work of art. That did it for me. I would treat my life fully as a work of art from now on. There is a reason that magick is sometimes called ‘the Art’. A magician is an artist and reality and his own being is the canvas. I realised that when I did magick the reward was not having something manifest in my life or getting that thing to happen in my reality… the reward for me was to do the magick and sit back and watch it happen, whether that be a change in myself or a manifestation of something in the outside world. The art was seeing the beauty of seeing the magick happen… not the end result.

Am I playing the game or am I constantly creating a work of art? Well I suppose that my game is enjoying the creation and the evolution of my personal work of art… reality and my own being. Doing inner alchemy and getting the reward not from seeing the change but experiencing myself as I go through the change. Doing practical magick to manifest something material but not getting the reward from obtaining that ‘thing’ but enjoying it as I see the magick happen.

Playing a game/ creating art on a continuous basis. Both are meaningless but meaningful… I’m doing both.


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