The Ganesha Siddhi mantra

I have begun reciting the Ganesha Siddhi mantra for the last few days and have got up to about 6000- ish repetitions. Everyday I have been sitting on my meditation stool in my bedroom in front of my Ganesha statue, lighting a tea candle as an offering, saying a quick prayer for Ganesha to be with me during my recitation practice, and then chanting for maybe two rounds or more every time.

It goes like this:

Om Shrim Hrim Klim Ganeshwaraya

Brahma Rupaya Charave

Sarva Siddhi Pradeshaya

Vigneshaya Namo Namaha

The translation is…

“Salutations to the Supreme Lord Ganesha. You are Brahman, you are the Bestower of all Siddhi’s. O Vigneshaya, remover of all obstacles, salutations again and again.”


This mantra is an interesting one. The whole point of the mantra is that it is able to give ‘siddhi’s’ (magical abilities). Once you gain mantra siddhi with this mantra, anything that you say will come true. Just as God created the universe from his word, the person who has gained full perfection of this mantra through reciting these sacred vibrations will be able to change reality through their word also.

“But power corrupts and you can use in many selfish and destructive ways” I hear you cry. Guess what? This mantra not only gives you the ability to fully create reality through speaking it into existence but it also purifies your consciousness so that when you have attained mantra siddhi everything that you speak will be a blessing to yourself and others. Spiritual practice makes you a much more powerful being and as you go through various developments you will become more and be able to do more. You will be able to more effectively embody your innate Divine Nature. BUT spiritual practice also purifies your being so you will be more beneficial and helpful to the world. The natural byproduct of spiritual practice is that you become a fully, more kinder and compassionate person, a greater asset to the world.

But to gain perfection of this mantra, to attain mantra siddhi and get the full power of the mantra fully ingrained into your being you have to chant it for 500, 000 repetitions with a minimum of 108 repetitions a day. I have calculated that chanting at a medium pace takes me seventeen minutes and to chant thirty rounds would take me about eight or so hours. If I chanted 108 times a day it would take me about twelve years to gain perfection, twice a day would be six years, thrice a day would be three years etc…

… But I like the mantra so much that chanting it is not a problem. So here we go and see what happens.


The Seven Spheres Workings (Beginning)



I have decided to undertake a new direction in life. The need to cast off the old and embrace the new has come on to me. I have been allowing things to be in my life and dropping away the things that don’t serve me any more.

One day you wake up and it just comes to you, “Holy shit, I am an incarnation of Godhead! I can manifest and shape reality.”

I have been exploring reality since… birth I suppose… or the age of sixteen when I looked at all of the spirituality and science stuff but I have only really been starting to feel the truth of it all more fully recently. The desire to truly explore reality and understand it has come upon me. A feeling of ‘the veil has been lifted’, ‘the drowsiness has been expelled’. You get that moment and you wonder why you have been sleepy for so long (sleepy… not sleeping). I have also been thinking, ‘I just want to do what I want to do’. I felt a need to heal, I want to get rid of those stubborn niggles in my psyche, I want greater purification, I want betterment, more awareness, more, more, more…

… And then I found the Seven Spheres book. It is a ‘grimoire’ written by the well- known Hermetic magician Rufus Opus. The purpose of the book was to allow other magicians to been given initiations into the Seven Planetary Spheres (Jupiter/ Chesed, Mars/ Geburah, the Sun/ Tiphareth, Venus/ Netzach, Mercury/ Hod, the Moon/ Yesod, Saturn/ Binah). It was exactly what I wanted. A complete renewal, a cleansing, empowerment, greater magick and manifestation ability etc.

The first step was to create all of the necessary tools and gather all of the necessary materials.

The planetary lamens were pretty easy to do and also helped me to discover the joys of calligraphy for the first time.

Planetary Lamens

The Table of Practice was fun and unintentionally fitted perfectly with the scrying mirror that I bought to use for each working.

Table of Practice

And now on to the working. It will take about six weeks to do each of the planetary rituals and for the planetary energies to create the necessary changes in my life, it will take about ten weeks for the effects of the initiations to solidify and manifest, and it will take about a year for all of the energies to have fully crystallised and integrated themselves in my reality. The whole process surrounds the idea that there will be an overhaul of my being, the initiations will not only give me teachings but will also burn away anything that is holding me back from manifesting and using each of the planetary energies in my life. The alchemical burning away of impure material will manifest as certain disruptions and abrupt changes in my life as the old structures fall for a new and better way of being that will take it’s place. I suppose it is my job to ‘endure to the end’ and push through.

Brilliant. I will be using this blog to report what happens during each ritual, the effects after the ritual and all various life circumstances as the new world manifests.

Onwards and upwards.

A quick run through of the attributes of each sphere are as follows…

  • JupiterLeisure time, wealth, prosperity, opportunity, assimilation, indulgence, optimism, big business, morality, the higher (abstract) mind, higher education, ambitions, philosophy, luck.
  • MarsDesires, sexual energies, dynamic action, animal nature, force, power, strife, strain, adversity, work, achievement, competition, necessary conflict in order to bring peace.
  • The SunIndividuality, success, leadership, health, vitality, personal fulfillment, energy, essential principles, authority, command, rank, office, title, advancement, identity, capacity for experience.
  • VenusPleasure, natural love, sensuality, sociability, attraction, interaction, art, music, poetry, drama, song, culture, beauty, possessions, jewelry, sweets, sentiments, colour, marriage unions, the right brain.
  • MercuryCommunication, reason, intellect, rationalisation, awareness, perceptions, adroitness, opinions, transmission, words, speaking, writing, mailings, means of expression, the left brain.
  • The MoonInstincts, moods, feelings, habits, the subconscious, tides, phases, reflexes, reflections, alternations, receptivity, needs, desires, personal interests, magnetism, liquids, impressionability, fertility, growth.
  • SaturnOrganisation, discipline, responsibility, structure, goals, career opportunities, limitations, conservatism, crystallised focus, restrictions, delays, theories, orthodoxy, tradition, depth, time, patience, truth, wisdom, aging, solidification.

Got that? The above are merely are a list of attributes that have been discovered by other people that have got into contact with each of the planetary spheres and come back to tell them what they found… but the best way to know about each of these subtle realities is getting personal experience of each of them. So off I go.