The Ganesha Siddhi mantra

I have begun reciting the Ganesha Siddhi mantra for the last few days and have got up to about 6000- ish repetitions. Everyday I have been sitting on my meditation stool in my bedroom in front of my Ganesha statue, lighting a tea candle as an offering, saying a quick prayer for Ganesha to be with me during my recitation practice, and then chanting for maybe two rounds or more every time.

It goes like this:

Om Shrim Hrim Klim Ganeshwaraya

Brahma Rupaya Charave

Sarva Siddhi Pradeshaya

Vigneshaya Namo Namaha

The translation is…

“Salutations to the Supreme Lord Ganesha. You are Brahman, you are the Bestower of all Siddhi’s. O Vigneshaya, remover of all obstacles, salutations again and again.”


This mantra is an interesting one. The whole point of the mantra is that it is able to give ‘siddhi’s’ (magical abilities). Once you gain mantra siddhi with this mantra, anything that you say will come true. Just as God created the universe from his word, the person who has gained full perfection of this mantra through reciting these sacred vibrations will be able to change reality through their word also.

“But power corrupts and you can use in many selfish and destructive ways” I hear you cry. Guess what? This mantra not only gives you the ability to fully create reality through speaking it into existence but it also purifies your consciousness so that when you have attained mantra siddhi everything that you speak will be a blessing to yourself and others. Spiritual practice makes you a much more powerful being and as you go through various developments you will become more and be able to do more. You will be able to more effectively embody your innate Divine Nature. BUT spiritual practice also purifies your being so you will be more beneficial and helpful to the world. The natural byproduct of spiritual practice is that you become a fully, more kinder and compassionate person, a greater asset to the world.

But to gain perfection of this mantra, to attain mantra siddhi and get the full power of the mantra fully ingrained into your being you have to chant it for 500, 000 repetitions with a minimum of 108 repetitions a day. I have calculated that chanting at a medium pace takes me seventeen minutes and to chant thirty rounds would take me about eight or so hours. If I chanted 108 times a day it would take me about twelve years to gain perfection, twice a day would be six years, thrice a day would be three years etc…

… But I like the mantra so much that chanting it is not a problem. So here we go and see what happens.


Aham Prema



On the 4th February 2016 I woke up with a need to say the ‘Aham Prema’ mantra. Over the past few weeks I had realised that my mind had gone a bit off kilter and I needed to get to that place of equilibrium again. I needed to realign with my true values.

I began chanting Aham Prema on the bus to work, throughout the day, before I went to bed and while I was falling asleep. Over the following days I became increasingly devoted to reciting the mantra and spent a long time going over the mantra in my head while I was doing my daily activities.

Here is an extract from Thomas Ashley- Farrand in his book, ‘Shakti Mantras’:

“With this simple mantra, you affirm your own essential nature as one of Divine Love. The vibration of this mantra begins the process of transforming your entire body, being, nature, and spirit into an emanation, your own particular emanation, of Divine Love. “

The meaning of Aham Prema is simple. It means ‘I Am Divine Love’. If recited with devotion over a long period of time, it will completely change you and make you a living embodiment of love. When you invoke this quality in yourself, love will begin to permeate more strongly in every aspect of your life, every situation, every interaction.

It is a life transforming mantra.

It promotes self- love  and when this happens it gives the opportunity for you to love the universe more and for the universe to show you that love back to you. If you give out love, love will be given to you. This mantra can change your whole experience. Love is transcendental and selfless and it is what we truly are. Once love spreads throughout our being, it will change our behaviours into pure expressions of love. These expressions will have an effect on the rest of the universe, the butterfly effect will take it’s course, and you will contribute to the collective uplifting of all beings.

I am looking forward to see the changes in the universe.




Sanskrit Mantra

I have been using mantras for various reasons for a while now. They are perfect tools for quieting the mind and getting in touch with the quiet, open space within you. I have made it my goal to chant at least one round of mantras per day for the rest of 2016 and to dedicate myself to at least three 40 day mantra disciplines this year.

On top of my regular practice I have been sitting down to ‘mantra meditate’ between 10 minutes to one hour per day, letting the mantra go around in my head, being aware of the experience as I create the mantra sound internally.

The mantra’s I am planning to work with are:

– AHAM PREMA- This phrase simply means, “I am Divine Love.” This mantra affirms and invokes the divine love in you and leads to deep inner transformation. The events of your life will run smoother and you will be infused with the holy love that is in you and in all things.

-NAMO KUAN SHI YIN PU SA- This is the mantra of Kuan Yin, the female version of Avalokateshwara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. She is known as one who, “hears the sounds and cries of the world”. I intend this practice to be purely devotional, bringing her presence and blessings into my life.

-OM SRI SHANAISHWARAYA SWAHA- This is the mantra associated with the planet Saturn. It helps to clear up karma and therefore will make your life run more smoothly and happily.

– OM MANI PADME HUM- Perhaps the most widely used mantra in the world. It is the mantra formula for Avalokateshwara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. It roughly means ‘Hail to you, jewel in the lotus’. It is used as a prayer for many people around the world and is said to help in raise the world to a higher vibration.

Since using mantras I have been laughing to myself more regularly and I have become more aware of the subtle sensations in my body. My mind also seems to be much quieter and the experiences I have when I am half asleep have become more potent for some reason. My enthusiasm for my passions and life pursuits have increased.

Mantra recitation is getting to be one of the best and most important practices in my spiritual life apart from meditation. It brings you new and beneficial states of mind and the effects of each mantra tend to always be positive and are strong ways to progress spiritually.